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Edgewood Recreation Center Construction Completion

Mid-City East Small Area Plan Timeline

Recount the journey from field house to recreation center in the Edgewood Community.

Free Community Aerobics Class in Ward 5 Sponsored by MedStar Washington Hospital Center

MedStar Washington Hospital Center is offering a FREE Community Aerobics Class in Ward 5 at North Michigan Park Recreation Center. SCHEDULE: 6 -7 pm Mondays (Zumba Gold) & Wednesdays (Strength & Toning). LOCATION: North Michigan Park Recreation Center, 1333 Emerson St. NE; Washington, DC 20017. For more information and to register, call 202-877-2084. Thank you.

Hi Michael:


Thanks for reaching out!  I’m doing well, thanks.  I hope you’re enjoying the summer so far.


Yes, there is a timeline for implementing the Mid City East Small Area Plan.  It was approved by Council in November and the recommendations have a two- to ten-year horizon.  The Implementation Task Force kicked off in February of this year.  We just had a meet-up last week to provide updates to the group as well.  There are several recommendations that are already underway:


·         Vibrant Retail Streets Toolkit – North Capitol Street qualified as one of the eligible streets to participate in this initiative.  The purpose of the toolkit is to provide a diagnostic approach to determine the success and vibrancy of the corridor as compared to some of the most vibrant retail streets in the world.  The goal is to understand the shortcomings of the street and how to better facilitate successful retail and business attraction/retainment.  The Office of Planning is facilitating this initiative with the assistance of Street Sense, a retail/marketing consultant.  The initiative will kick-off with a workshop in June.  Sakina Khan of OP is the project manager (

·         DHCD Solicitations – An RFP for 1520-1522 North Capitol Street NW was released on April 17 and closed on May 29.  An RFP for Florida and Q was issued on July 11, 2014 and closed October 10, 2014.  Six proposals were received.  The panel determined that a market study was necessary to determine feasibility of retail at this location.  The RFP will be re-solicited after a market study is completed.

·         Livability Study Implementation – The scope of work and RFP were released and closed.  Submissions are currently under review.  DDOT anticipates selection of a consultant soon.  Projects in the scope of work include the following: Eckington Place Corridor: Design signature roundabout at Q Street and Eckington to also include bike lanes and curb extensions as per  Mid City East recommendations; Spot Locations: 5th Street and Rhode Island Avenue NW, 5th Street and R Street NW, New Jersey Avenue, 4th Street and S Street: Install Cross walks and curb Ramps; New York Avenue/North Capitol Street / N Street: Redesign intersection to include pavement markings, bollard’s and flex post as per Mid City East Recommendations.  Charles Thomas of DDOT is the project manager (

·         Neighborhood Character – Kim Williams of OP met on May 26 with former ANC members, local activists, BCA members, etc.  to discuss pop-ups, neighborhood character preservation, and the potential historic district designation. (

·         Cherry Tree Plantings – OP reached out to Casey Trees to discuss the planting of cherry trees in the planning area.  Discussions are ongoing.

·         Sursum Corda – Preliminary discussions with the board and their developer and consultants for a potential PUD filing are ongoing.


On another note, I will be going on family leave in the very near future and I wanted to let you and your neighbors know that Deborah Crain-Kemp will be filling in while I’m out.  I plan on returning in September.  As you know, Debbie is a fantastic resource and will seamlessly step in to handle Ward 5 work.


If you have any questions or need additional information, please don’t hesitate to let us know.